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Soda y'know? PRO is excited to participate in this innovative fundraising program through Oregon BottleDrop! This is an easy way we can all support ongoing funds in an activity we do anyways... RECYCLING. When you use the blue bags provided by PRO the redemption value of each bottle and can goes directly to us!

EASY AS 1, 2, 3!
  1. Contact Ginger to get your blue bag(s) with the PRO sticker – ginger@parkinsonsresources.org or 503.594.0901
  2. Collect bottles and cans
  3. Drop your filled bag(s) at a local redemption center or PRO’s home office in Beaverton.
Some of our favorite participants include: Gemini Bar & Grill, Schwingfest, Scandia Village RV Park, Deschutes Brewery, and The Quarry Senior Living! Of course the cutest collectors have to be the children collecting in honor of their grandparent who has PD. Where might you collect from?? Send us photos of your collection to post on our social media!
  • Home and/or office
  • Church or community center
  • Service organization
  • Event you are involved in
  • Your favorite restaurant or pub
  • Neighborhood market
BottleDrop collectors
  1. Can I collect cans and bottles to have the funds applied to my Sole Support efforts? Absolutely! When you check out a blue bag through PRO the barcode will be registered to you and the monies received for your cans/bottles can be 100% to your Sole Support.
  2. What does it cost PRO to participate? We pay $.55 for each bag checked out and processed in this program. So while nominal, there is still a cost.
  3. Is there a redemption center near me? Most likely, yes! They are all over the state. Click here and enter your zip code for the nearest drop off: BottleDrop locations.
  4. May I just bring my filled bags to PRO? Yes – our home office in Beaverton is happy to accept your bags and turn them in.
  5. Can I participate in this program if I live in Washington? Yes! But there are a couple caveats: a. the redemption centers are only located in Oregon, so use the link above to find one near an errand you are running over here and b. be sure your items have an Oregon redemption value or were purchased in Oregon.
  6. Do I need to drop off with an attendant? Nope! The barcode from the blue bag tag will open the secure drop door from 6 am-10 pm.
  7. How many bags can I return each day? You can drop 10 bags at any time, 11-49 bags by appointment, and 50 or more bags by making an appointment with one of their plant locations in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford, Klamath Falls, and Redmond.
  8. Can I put bottles and cans in the same bag? Yes – in fact, we recommend it! As the redemption centers only allow up to 20 lbs. per bag, we find that combining items can even out the weight.
  9. What happens if I put my blue bag(s) out with my curbside recycling? Nothin’. It goes along with the other recycling without benefit to you or PRO.
Questions? Contact Ginger at 503.594.0901 ginger@parkinsonsresources.org.

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