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Designs for Independence

Looking for Innovative
Fashion Designers

The Problem and Contest
Dressing can be a challenge for many suffering from Parkinson’s disease. People living with MS, ALS and Alzheimer’s disease face similar hurdles – the ability to make simple movements, hand dexterity, range of motion and fatigue all contribute to a gradual decline in function. This community strives to maintain independence but things as simple as buttons and tying shoelaces can quickly become insurmountable sources of frustration.

While there are some products on the market to support independent dressing, we want more options addressed with mainstream design and product lines! The Parkinson’s community ranges in age from late 20s to the elderly. Men and women. Active, and over time, more significantly disabled.

We invite you to learn more, brainstorm, and share your visions and designs for functional, fashionable solutions. Start from scratch or show us how you would modify an existing garment.

As a thank you for participating, all complete submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $250 Visa Gift Card.  Entries will be judged based upon their innovation, style & fashion, ability to solve a problem and feasibility.  Designers behind all submissions will be invited to display their submission sketches in poster form at the event.  

FIVE submissions will be invited to complete the design, awarded a $300 stipend for materials, and be profiled in our event program and media.

Ready to get started? Please keep reading for important deadlines and submission criteria. To learn more about PD and specific challenges this community faces, CLICK HERE

Your submission should thoughtfully address a special need of the movement disorder community.  We’ve assembled some resources to fuel your inspiration HERE and HERE. Designs can be for men or women or gender neutral. Each entry should fall into one of the following categories:

Together we can move fashion forward!

We are looking for innovative, inspiring, and fashionable designs (original or modified off the rack) and adaptive solutions that meet the needs of a community that experiences physical limitations.

We know once you get started the creativity will flow – so if you have multiple concepts your are excited about just be sure each is a separate entry. (SUBMIT HERE)

You will need to identify the submission category, articulate how your vision addresses a challenge, describe materials needed, and have 1-2 pages of sketches to illustrate your vision.

Your designs remain your intellectual property – but with your entry you give permission for Parkinson’s Resources to use for promotion and marketing purposes.

Important Dates:

May – July 2022 – You can request a Zoom meeting with Parkinson’s participants who will share insights into their apparel needs and desires.

August 1, 2022 – Design sketch and submission forms deadline

August 2, 2022 – Raffle drawing from completed submissions

August 15, 2022 – Finalists will be announced

November 3, 2022 – Completed finalist designs will be showcased at Patterned for Parkinson’s luncheon.

What They Say

"Dining out - even having friends over has become a source of anxiety. I'm always worried I'll spill on myself, tip over a glass, or otherwise make a mess."
Everyone tells you, and the science confirms... exercise is the one thing I can do to help slow my Parkinson's. But it is such a battle - not only do I need to combat my fatigue, but getting dressed to work out is a battle in and of itself. I need the support and function of my athletic clothes, but surely there is an easier way to get dressed!"
"If you knew my mom "back in the day" you know that she would never leave the house unless she was dressed for the occasion. Finding outfits that work for her in a wheelchair, are age appropriate, and don't look like hospital gowns has become my new pastime. It shouldn't be this hard."


Program announcements and Updates

Use the contact form to send us your questions about living with Parkinson’s, the contest, submissions, clarification on criteria, or simply to cheer us on!  We’ll be in touch!


Program announcements and updates

Use the contact form to send us your questions about living with Parkinson’s, the contest, submissions, clarification on criteria, or simply to cheer us on!  We’ll be in touch!