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Recurring Event High Intensity PD Exercise

High Intensity PD Exercise

Virtual OR

Participants in this class should be able to be on their feet for 1 hour and able to independently get up and down off the floor. This is a high intensity class focused on big amplitude, strength, balance, dual tasking and agility exercises.  Care partners are strongly encouraged to be present for safety and are […]

Recurring Event Yoga for PD: Online

Yoga for PD: Online

Virtual OR

Yoga for PD: Zoom Yoga is a highly recommended complementary therapy for PD; reducing anxiety, and often decreasing tremors and other associated symptoms. Carepartners and friends welcome! YOGA FOR PD is carefully designed to increase flexibility, strength and balance while alleviating stress. Research shows YOGA improves visuospatial memory, a type of remembering that is important […]

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Recurring Event Seated Laughter Practice

Seated Laughter Practice

Virtual OR

Laughter Practice = exercise combining the aerobic aspect of hearty laughter with the calming mindfulness of deep breathing & the empowerment of constructive play.   Other useful Information: (Able to stand for durations of time, move continuously, etc.) Instructed by: Laura Lou Pape-McCarthy

Donations Encouraged
Recurring Event Meditation


Virtual OR

Guided MEDITATION with Brynna and others to nurture calm, acceptance and reduce anxiety. Breath is emphasized. All are welcome. Other useful Information: This is virtual only. Drop in or attend regularly. All options are available. Please contact Brynna for link. Instructor: Brynna Hurwitz and others Fee: Donations encouraged

Parkinson’s Disease and the Art of Moving Group

Virtual OR

Suitable for beginning or returning exercisers. Daily maintenance & fall prevention, improve expressiveness & intelligibility of speech.  Mood boosting! Other useful Information: (Able to stand for durations of time, move continuously, etc.) Join from your home independently or with caregiver/exercise partner. Equipment: tennis ball (or similar, doesn’t need to bounce) Instructor: Laura Lou Pape-McCarthy


10am Virtual: Boxing for People with Parkinson’s

Virtual OR

Boxing for People with Parkinson's: Online We work Parkinson’s specific exercises for flexibility and strength and then move into Boxing without bags as we are doing it on Zoom. We work patterns for punching and footwork to build intensity. This class is best for individuals who do not need assistance and can move independently.  The […]