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Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon maintains a collection of books and resources on topics of direct interest and relevance for people with Parkinson’s disease, their family and caregivers. We also have a limited supply of some titles available for sale. There is no charge to access the PRO Lending Library and material check-out can occur on-site in any of our offices or through the mail. Call or email to check on current availability and to request your selection.


Books from our collection may be borrowed for up to 4 weeks. The borrower assumes responsibility for the safe and timely return of materials to our office (US Postal service seems to work just great for returns!).

Currently popular items:

Reader Reviews

We love to hear about books and resources that were helpful or inspirational to you along the way. Many books about Parkinson’s disease capture one person’s experience but communicated in ways that are relatable for others. Books that address symptoms, treatments and clinical approaches are also popular and prove helpful in providing patients with the understanding and terminology to fully engage in creating a plan of care.

Brain Storms

Written by Jon Palfreman

I’ll admit it. It took me a little while begin this book. It traveled many places with me, seen the top (and bottom) of stacks on my desk and night stand, went to the beach, and to the mountains before I finally dove in. 

I think perhaps I was a little worried I’d find the read too challenging. Afterall, the author, Jon Palfreman is a highly acclaimed science journalist diving deep into a pretty complicated topic, the science and understanding of Parkinson’s disease. I think I was expecting something along the lines of a neurology text book and frankly, I was a little intimidated. 

 hat I didn’t expect was to find that once I jumped in, this would be my go-to resource book! Yes, Mr. Palfreman isn’t hesitant to dive into the science, but he does so carefully and methodically, bringing his readers along as he explores the history, successes (and failures) that have led us to our current understanding of Parkinson’s disease. Along the way, we are introduced to many of the legends of the Parkinson’s community; researchers, clinicians, and the patient advocates whose unrelenting determination have made Parkinson’s awareness, treatment and cure issues of international importance.   

The author is generous to share with us his own experiences as a person living with Parkinson’s disease. As he references his personal story, it makes the importance of the scientific narrative that much more relevant and pressing. Mr. Palfreman doesn’t let us forget that behind every study, drug trial, and new theory waiting to be proven, millions of families are waiting for the next breakthrough. 


The Ribbon of Road Ahead

Written by Carol Clupney ** Bonus, Carol is a PRO group facilitator in Hermiston!

The Ribbon of Road Ahead is a beautifully written memoir by Carol Clupny in which she gives the reader all the emotions, ups and downs, fears and sadness she experiences after her diagnosis at age 50 of Parkinson’s Disease, a chronic, progressive , degenerative disease . We see how this disease not only changes her life, but also the lives of her family..husband and 2 sons… But the real beauty of this memoir is her response to the disease…She takes on physical challenges that would test a strong and well person: The France to Spain Camino de Santiago walk( which she has done 3 times.!), as well as the annual Bike ride across Iowa…she chose as worthy foes to prove to herself and the world that PD will not stop her from living life fully and on her terms ..This is the message the reader will take from this journey..and it inspires hope .. Never underestimate the power of the human spirit..!!

Carson and His Shaky Paws Grampa

Written by Kirk Hall | Illustrated by Alison Paolini  

Carson’s Grampa describes his tremor as “shaky paws” when his curious grandson asks about his busy hands. The book is narrated from the perspective of a seven-year-old boy, Carson, who’s Grampa has Parkinson’s disease. Kirk Hall, author of the book, has turned his personal experience with PD and his grandson into a teaching tool for other young ones who may be affected by PD. The story outlines Carson’s childhood adventures with his Grampa while weaving in the changes he notices in his Grampa due to Parkinson’s. These changes include physical symptoms, taking medication and a “special procedure” (deep brain stimulation) to help with his Grampa’s “shaky paws.” Additionally, there’s a list of PD resources and for each book purchased, a portion of the proceeds go toward PD and Essential Tremor research and awareness.

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Borrowing from the PRO lending library is free – no library card, annual membership or service charges. We are able to share these resources with support from donors like you!

Support Our Library

Help keep our collection current

Borrowing from the PRO lending library is free – no library card, annual membership or service charges. We are able to share these resources with support from donors like you!