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Corporate Sponsorships

support Parkinson's programs & services by becoming a sponsor

Why Choose PRO

Parkinson’s Resources (PRO) was founded in 1980 to provide support and assistance for the Northwest’s PD community. Today, PRO is a trusted provider of Parkinson’s specific services with connections and relationships with more than 15,000 households in Oregon and SW Washington.

Through shared optimism, dedication, and urgency we are able to offer compelling opportunities for collaboration. Our partners’ brand assets are delivered to highly motivated patient, supporter, clinical, and industry audiences. PRO works with only a handful of trusted partners, offering a great opportunity to leverage association with our initiatives. Funds invested by our corporate community are crucial to growing, enhancing, and delivering our high-impact services.  

Corporate Sponsorships

Parkinson’s Resources engages in diverse, productive relationships with local and national businesses to leverage opportunities through shared goals to inform and support our collective audience while advancing PRO’s mission. These partnerships are demonstrated through funding, in-kind contributions, strategic input, and volunteering to benefit and engage patients, their families, clinicians, and caregivers.

PRO is committed to developing robust, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. In that vein, we invite the opportunity to discuss ways to achieve our shared goals through independent activities. From our signature events to our online programs, there are so many ways to get involved with PRO. Contact Holly Chaimov to start the conversation! 

Sponsors maximize impact and reach with an Annual Partnership – ensuring year-round recognition and benefits. Single event and activity opportunities also available, just ask!

Our Commitment

PRO places the needs and well-earned trust of the community – people living with Parkinson’s, healthcare providers, and individual donors – above all else, and adheres to the highest standards of integrity and independence through the following guidelines: 

  • PRO directs and determines all programs and activities for which we receive corporate support. 
  • PRO does not promote and/or endorse potential or current therapies, products and/or services by virtue of corporate sponsorship. 
  • PRO discloses corporate financial support and its nature on our organizational website and communications pertaining to sponsored activities.  
  • PRO recognizes corporate funding, sponsorship, and partnerships in a manner that demonstrates integrity and appreciation, consistent throughout the organization. 

PRO will avoid entering into any relationship with a corporation that would in any way suggest that its commitment to the community can be traded for financial support or other favors from corporate or other sponsors. 

What They Say

“The Movement Disorder Center at Providence Brain and Spine Institute is honored to have a deep and ongoing relationship with Parkinson’s Resource of Oregon. At Providence, we believe Health is a Human Right. That’s why we partner with local organizations like Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon to reach more of our community and share helpful resources, clinical knowledge and provide support to Parkinson’s patients as well as their families and caregivers. We are proud to partner and support Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon.”
Nora Perry
Providence Brain and Spine Institute
"True story: I met a woman today whose husband was diagnosed in 2011 and when I told her my husband was diagnosed in 2005, the first thing she asked (after hugs all around) was Have you heard of Parkinson's Resources of Oregon? All of which is to say that PRO is deep in our lives and worthy of our support."
"It is critical that patients living with Parkinson's disease in our region have access to the specialized resources and services necessary to living well with this illness. OHSU enjoys the opportunity to celebrate our community at Sole support, while raising awareness of and funds for PRO's provision of these services."
Dr. Joseph Quinn
Director, OHSU Parkinson Center

Want to Become a Sponsor?


If you have questions about sponsorship opportunities, or have ideas for other ways we might partner together, we’d love to talk to you more. Contact Jeannine Walker, Special Events Manager by email or by phone at (503) 594-0901

Want to Become a Sponsor?

Let's continue the conversation

If you have questions about sponsorship opportunities, or have ideas for other ways we might partner together, we’d love to talk to you more. Contact Kristi South, Director of Events and Public Affairs by email or by phone at (503) 594-0901.