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Online Chair Movement Class, Fridays


Dec 29, 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Donations encouraged

Online Chair Movement Class, Fridays

These classes have been designed specifically for those with Parkinson’s disease. This approach combines yoga, tai-chi and dance, improving flexibility, strength, balance and overall coordination. The method is known to help prevent falls, improve facial expressiveness and improve intelligibility of speech. His proven strategy for coping with Parkinson’s is to “develop an artful way of moving and speaking,” one that is “graceful, mindful and complete.”

Always check with your physician before starting any exercise program.

This class is offered with an option for scholarship registration. Similar classes in the community have registration fees of $8 – $15/session. If you are able, please consider a full or partial fee registration to help offset our related program expenses. (All contributions help)

INSTRUCTOR: Laura Lou Pape-McCarthy