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Taking it in Stride: VANCOUVER

Five adults standing outdoors, one with a walker, one with a cane and another seated in a wheelchair.


Nov 14, 2023


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Donations Welcome

Taking it in Stride: VANCOUVER

A discussion of the types of assistive devices available, when to use them, and safety with Emily Kaemmerlen, PT, DPT.

Plan to attend this in-person presentation and demonstration by Emily Kaemmerlen, PT, DPT at Boomerang Therapy Works in Vancouver. We all know that walking is a very important part of maintaining our independence. We rely on our ability to walk in performing daily activities and know it is good for our fitness and overall health. With Parkinson’s though, one’s pattern of walking, or gait, can be affected. This, along with changes in balance, can increase the risk for falls. Emily will explain the types of assistive devices, such as trekking poles, canes, and walkers, that are available to help you walk more confidently and safely, and discuss why and when you should consider using them. She will share what factors a PT considers in making a recommendation for the appropriate device, cover what may be indicators that it is time to switch to a different type of assistive device, and demonstrate how to use these devices safely.