Sole Support for Parkinson’s: Vancouver

Join us as we gather to celebrate and support each other, raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease, and fundraise for local programs and services. We are gathering and walking from Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, WA.
Take the first step, register online, or call PRO at 800.426.6806 and we’ll get you registered.
If this is your first walk or your 18th, we thank you for joining us as we fundraise and raise awareness for the important local programs and services provided by Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon.

Lift Program for Family Caregivers, Vancouver

Therapist in Session

Lift Program for Family Caregivers

Are you worried about how to help them out of bed or out of a car? Or, do you just want to be prepared for what may lie ahead?

During this hour and a half program, a physical therapist will lead you through the proper and safe techniques to transfer your loved one who has mobility issues due to Parkinson’s disease. This program is intended for family care partners only. 

There will be 5 interactive stations 1) Sit to stand 2) Transfer in and out of bed 3) Transfer in the bathroom 4) Transfers in and out of the car 5) Lastly, how to get up off the floor. Each caregiver will participate, rotating to each station and practicing with other caregivers. You will also learn when it is necessary to seek help.

Led by Emily Kaemmerlen, DPT

If you have physical limitation, please let the instructors know before class. If you register and then are unable to attend, please call our office as soon as possible so we are able to allow others to participate in your place 800-426-6806. We anticipate this being an ongoing workshop so there will be other opportunities.


Donations Welcome

Tai Chi for Better Balance, Vancouver

Cai Chi practicing the 8,10 and 24 forms.  Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance is evidence based fall prevention for older adults and those with movement disorders.

Must have experience with Tai Chi to take the class. Must be able to stand 20 minutes.

Instructor: Jan Beyer

Fee based. Membership reduced with Silver & Fit.

PWR! Agility Level 3, Vancouver

This class includes the PWR! Moves in all positions, agility and coordination exercises, gait training, boxing, strength and flexibility.

Class members must be able to walk continuously for 20 minutes both inside and outside, perform circuits and have the cognitive ability to follow directions. Participants must be able to go to the floor for exercised and be able to get off the floor.

Instructor: Jan Beyer

Fee based, membership may be reduced with qualified Silver & Fit.

PWR! for PD Level 2, Vancouver

This class is conducted while sitting, standing and going to the floor. Class includes PWR! Moves, strengthening, balance, flexibility and voice work. Participants must be able to go down to the floor and back up.

Instructor: Jan Beyer

Fee Based, membership discount for qualified Silver and Fit.

PWR! for PD Level 1, Vancouver

Class can be conducted seated or standing. Class includes Power Moves, strength work, balance, flexibility, voice work. Wheel chairs and walkers are welcome. This class does NOT practice going to the floor.

Instructor: Jan Beyer

Fee Based. Membership fee can be reduced with qualifying Silver & Fit

Rebel Fit Club High Intensity Boxing Bootcamp, Vancouver

Level 1-2. Boxing, strength, balance and stretching. This class has it all! Clinically proven to slow the progression of PD, this class is both energizing and fun with diverse workouts daily.

Kimberly Berg’s Rebel Fit Club offers different classes for different abilities. See website for details.

Instructor: Heather Hindes

Fee Based

PWR! Moves Class, Vancouver

Our Parkinson’s exercise class focuses on PWR! Moves performed in multiple positions made progressively more challenging both cognitively and physically.

Instructor: Austin Karn

Fee Based

PWR! Moves – Level 2, Vancouver

Come experience the benefits of group exercise! PWR Moves is specifically designed for people with PD. Work on cardio, balance, strengthening, and dual tasking to improve your function and keep you doing what you love to do. This Level 2 class has both seated and standing portions.

Instructor: Jim Aul

Fee Based