Hybrid Eugene Young Onset Support Group

The Young Onset Support Group in Eugene welcomes family, friends and care partners as well as those living with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. You can join this meeting in person or via Zoom.

Contact the facilitator, Jeff, 503.784.7069 for details and before attending your first meeting.


3pm Rock Steady Boxing Salem

Live Rock Steady Boxing protocol class in Salem for Level 1-2 participants.  All your favorite RSB moves and inspiration.

Instructed by August Peterson

Class fees are $100/month, contact August if fees are a barrier.

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Parkinson’s Exercise Class

This class engages the brain and body to encourage more fluid, balanced movement and improve strength, agility and gait.

This class is ideal for individuals with neuromuscular challenges (Parkinson’s, mild stroke, multiple sclerosis) that may cause loss of balance and coordination. Those who are not independent in standing should bring someone to support them.

Class Instructor: Deanne Morris

Scholarships available for Eugene, OR residents.

PaKua 24+

24 Movements derived from the PaKua Chinese Arts & Sciences. Mobile and stretch each vertebra ensuring spinal mobility and supporting optimal posture. Movement progressions from standing to seated on the floor, but all work can be done seated in a chair.  Movement in ALL planes of motion. Some kneeling is optional. No props needed. Modifications offered for all stages.

Instructed by Cecilia Pulido

Drop in $10 with discounts for pre-purchased passes.


2pm Rock Steady Boxing, Benton County

Non-Contact boxing program with Bruce Caldwell. Participants will experience the Rock Steady Boxing protocol and experience the benefits of a group exercise class that meets your fitness needs. Assessment will be required for class placement.

Instructor: Bruce Caldwell

Fees: $99/Month

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Online Chair-Based Movement w/Laura Lou

Join Laura Lou for virtual chair classes on zoom. Classes are Mondays 1:00 – 2:00p, sessions typically run 12 weeks.

Register at www.pro.eventbrite.com or call 800.426.6806

These classes have been designed specifically for those with Parkinson’s disease. This approach combines yoga, tai-chi and dance, improving flexibility, strength, balance and overall coordination. Great for those concerned with balance, needing the support of a chair, or simply hoping to add to an existing exercise program.

Sliding scale options for fees.

PD Warriors

Boxing for People with Parkinson’s

We work Parkinson’s specific exercises for flexibility and strength and then move into a strength circuit and then Boxing in a great boxing room. We work punching combinations for cognitive training, voice work and footwork for balance and agility. Come and join Lori’s Warriors in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease!

This class is best for individuals who do not need assistance and can move independently. Instructor will assess each individual to find the correct level of class to join. After initial contact Lori will invite you to observe a class to see if it is appropriate for you.

Instructor: Lori B. Havas

Class fees: $85/month